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Grand Master LEDs

Tarantula Reproduction Bar (Pair)

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Tarantula Reproduction Bar - The Ultimate Light for Cloning Pair

Top Features

  • Designed for Vertical Racks for Cloning
  • IP 66 Waterproof
  • 5 Year Warranty


Max Wattage 18W Each
Voltage Range 120V-277V & 480V available
Amperage 0.158A/120V, 0.084A/240V, 0.073A/277V
Vegetation Footprint 2' x 4'
System PPF Efficacy 2.4 μmol/joul
Total output 43 PPF
Dimensions 43.35" x 1.32"
Max Ambient Temp 104° F (40° C)
Recommended Mounting Height

8-12 inches above canopy

10-12 inches betweeen each fixture

Certifications ETL Listed, IP66 (DLC Coming Soon)


Tarantula Reproduction Bar Manual