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Grand Master LEDs

Tarantula Torch 850 HPS/MH

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Tarantula Torch 850 HPS/MH

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Top Features

  • Designed for Commercial Production, Vertical Racks, Medical Gardens, Tents
  • Features LEDSTAR white, 660nm, 450nm diodes
  • Adjustable Spectrum
  • 2 Channel (HPS/red spectrum and MH/blue spectrum)
  • 12 Preset Spectrums included in manual
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Folding Design for fast and easy installation
  • Knob Dimming 
  • Compatible with all controllers through RJ14 port
  • Inventronics Driver
  • 5 Year Warranty


Max Wattage 850W 
Voltage Range 120-277V
Amperage 7.4A/120V, 3.8A/240V, 3.3A/277V
Flowering Footprint 5' x 5'
System PPF Efficacy 1st Channel, 730W, PPE.: 2.51, PPF.: 1,832
2nd Channel, 120W, PPE.: 2.52, PPF.: 302
When both 2 channels are on, PPE.: 2.51,
Total output 2,134 PPF
Dimensions 43.86" x 43.66" x 3.64" (1114mm x 1109mm x92.5 mm)
Weight 27.23lbs (12.35 kg)
Max Ambient Temp. 104° F (40° C)
Recommended Mounting Height 12-30 inches above canopy depending on wattage
Certifications IP66